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(intransitive) be joyful, rejoice, be happy

conner-kent -

This is the light we dream in,
the milk light of midnight,
Charles Wright, Negatives

I've been really dissatisfied with my paintings lately, and hate the process of painting, so I tried to do something different.

Reference image: [x] (it's the very last photo)

Ed Wiener (American, 1918–1991)

Multi prong free-form gold setting with oval jade stone, 7.09 carats


conner-kent -

Her eyes were not dark, but impenetrably deep; you seemed to discover space after space in their intellectual glance, and to feel that the soul which was their soul, comprehended an universe of thought in its ken.
Mary Shelley, The Last Man

Seascape--Ivan Aivazovsky, 1850


15cm x 21cm

lino print on 300gsm paper


Wild Strawberries

lino print bookmark on 300gsm paper, 15cm x 5cm

available on etsy

Peacock Feather

15cm x 5 cm

lino print on 300gsm paper

available on etsy

La Lune

lino print on 300gsm paper - 30cm x 21cm

available on etsy

White Hot

15cm x 15cm lino print on 300gsm paper

available on etsy


15cm x 5cm bookmark, lino print on 300gsm paper

available on etsy

wip coming soon...

lina -

Botaniska Trädgården - 03.08.20

Daniel Kruger (South African (works in Germany), born in 1951)

Gold ring with large faceted rutilated quartz crystal.


Ed Wiener (American, 1918–1991)

Irregularly-shaped carved jade set in free-form textured 18kt yellow gold mount.


Atelier Janiyé (1950–2015)

Gold ring set with high domed cabochon-cut amethyst. Assymetrical mount has textured surface.


Frontinellina frutetorum

C James K. Lindsey at Ecology of Commanster, CC 2.5

Hybrid alpine clubmoss
Diphasiastrum issleri

C Bernd Haynold, CC 3.0

foati -

just a small quick thing i did for practice

Marjorie Merriweather Post brooch

Emerald and diamond brooch

Oscar Heyman Bros. (American, founded in 1912)
For: Marcus & Co. (American, 1892–1941)

The platinum and diamond brooch features a 60-carat emerald at its center. Carved in India in the 17th century, the emerald displays iris blossoms on the front. The reverse, carved later, features a carnation flower. An agent of the American retailer Marcus & Co. purchased the emerald in Bombay in the 1920s—after it was likely removed from a more traditional Indian ornament. Suspended from the center of the brooch, the emerald is rounded on both sides and framed by a horizontal bar with two large table-cut emeralds and diamond swag with 13 tear-shaped emeralds drops. Oscar Heyman Bros. fabricated the brooch, and a pencil drawing of the design can be found in the company’s archives.


naiad -

Denver Zoo

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June 30th 2020