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One of my favorites. I painted this late at night with horrible lighting and feeling really down in the dumps.

Smallsword with Scabbard,ca. 1780
C. Liger

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The Tree

Some art I did of an area I use to play in when I was younger.

Parrying Dagger

The perforations within the blade were meant to provide elasticity, preventing it from snapping during vigorous parries. The serrations were arranged not for producing an unpleasant wound, but to "catch" the adversary's blade.


Gold finger ring with a large bezel set with an oblong, table cut amethyst surrounded by eight small sapphires in individual collets, from Roy Ritchie's excavations at Whithorn Priory, Whithorn, Wigtownshire, 13th century


Silver-gilt finger ring with oblong bezel set with an amethyst, from Roy Ritchie's excavations at Whithorn Priory, Whithorn, Wigtownshire, 13th century


Ring-key of iron: Ancient Egyptian, from Antinopolis


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Émile Gallé, decorative glass, 1898. Nancy, France. Bronze mount, layered glass. Etched, mould-blown, polychrome enamel painting. Via

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Fashion Illustration

Henry Weston Keen, Skull Crowned with Snakes and Flowers, for the Duchess of Malfi and the White Devil by John Webster, 1918-35

I can never decide whether or not to put photos up for sale in my shop, and I feel like putting all 20 million I take would be just a tad absurd, so I'm declaring a new rule. If a photo gets 15 notes on waterfall and/or 30 likes on instagram, I'll put it up for sale. Because I am nothing if not a pro at tricking other people and machines into making my decisions for me xD

Rough Seas--Eugene Boudin, 1885

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The Secret World of Arrietty (2010)

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Moss covered paths between scarlet peonies, pale jade mountains fill your

rustic windows. I envy you, drunk with flowers, Butterflies swirling in your dreams.

Qian Qi 錢起  - Tang Dynasty

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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

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moved a few things around to make space for the record player i got for christmas 🥰

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The light is golden and the trees are lit from within. In autumn, you feel beloved by the earth, all its inhabitants, for entire afternoons, sometimes.

Ellen Welcker, from “Any Grieving Mammal”

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(…) Where do you open?

Where do you carry your dead? There’s no locket

for that—hinged, hanging on a chain that greens

your throat. And the dead inside you, don’t you

hear them breathing? You must have a hole

they can press their gray lips to. If you open—

when you open—will we find them folded inside?

In what shape? I mean what cut shape is made

whole by opening? I mean besides the heart.

Maggie Smith, from “Heart“