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cronusampora -

& I will be here again my love, waltzing you through your wreckages, gathering up your fallen petals, beginning the inevitable work.

Jeremy Radin, from “A Word“

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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory 10/23/2019

[adventures with [[@archfey]

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TRANHUNG Couture 2019

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This is the time in our lives when we lay down the mask, lay down the burden we’ve carried, and go out into the world unguarded and undisguised. As we are. Flawed. Human. Raw and broken in places. And beginning to heal.

Marya Hornbacher, Waiting

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Inktober Day 21: Treasure

its always about the hands. always

[ID: An ink drawing. Two hands hold each other, fingers interlocked. Their arms are covered in long red sleeves, forming a V shape. Concentric outlines fill up the rest of the picture. End ID.]

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terranova -

Your essence has instilled in me a prickling, cackling coo

Beneath my skin is where you live I want to be there too

So I will cross my eyes until I'm seeing inside-out

There I will find you in my brain, not wanting to get out

Or I might take a sample of my blood and come to find

That you've invaded every cell just as you have my mind

Perhaps instead I'll open up my chest and check my flame

Only to see that you have claimed my heart and signed your name

You're within and fixing me, repairing every seam,

and tonight when I am slumbering, I'll see you in my dreams

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springtime, 26.12.19


Senait Gidey in Virgos Anthony Maule for CR Fashion Book A/W 2013/2014

Old collage of me n terranova from like 3 years ago uwu

i made 4 of these errors

theyre fun to make

Detail from Ilsée, Princesse de Tripoli - Robert de Flers, lithographies de Alphonse Mucha - 1897

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🖼: [rosiitea]( "rosiitea on Tumblr)

I keep / a space for tenderness.

cronusampora -

Stamina by Carl Phillips from Reconnaissance

I wanted to bring you roses this morning; but I had gathered so many in my tightly fastened sashes that the overstrained knots could not contain them. The knots burst open. The roses, borne on the wind, all flew away to the sea. They followed the water, never to return; The waves seemed red with them, as if on fire. Tonight, my gown is still filled with their scent. Breathe on me their fragrant memory.

cronusampora -

The Roses of Saadi by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

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Andy Lovell (British, b. 1964) - 3 dozen Red Roses, silkscreen prin, 29 x 29 cm cm

source :

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dahlia floral tumbler (urban outfitters, £10.00)