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Ehren Dorsey and Bryant McCuddin by Patrick Demarchelier for Interview, October 2011

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Crystal Liu (b. 1980, Canada) Moon Series

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the new forest, 26.12.19

Forest, Alex Katz, 2009

Recently updated Apollo and Artemis' refs, plus did designs of them grown up more.

Hunting horn decorated with bands of hunting and other subjects among conventional foliage scrolls separated by narrow lines, made of walrus ivory with later silver mouthpiece and flared bell

"This horn or oliphant of carved ivory is probably made in the early fifteenth century in England. The style and workmanship of this horn are rare, with an ambitious and varied decorative scheme and with an unmatched level of technical accomplishment in such features as the integrally-carved suspension loops and the recurring device of figures emerging from or entering holes in the surface of the ivory. It is significant that the horn is embellished with four crowns, suggesting that it was a royal or aristocratic commission."

"The walrus tusk is carved with a series of hunting and other scenes, separated by narrow lines which run longitudinally from one end to the other. There are three bands or divisions on each side, with a further row of dense foliate decoration on the inner and outer curve. The inner (uppermost) curve is divided into three sections by the integrally-carved suspension loops. The first section of foliage, contains four crowns spaced equidistantly on the central stem.

The second, issuing from a grotesque mask, is inhabited with long-tailed monsters; and the third, short, section nearest to the bell contains a standing figure of a wild man, reaching up to pluck fruits from a tree. On one side, the uppermost band shows three dragons and a bear crawling through the foliage and confronting one another, while the suspension loop is equidistantly carved with a battle between a dragon and a fantastic quadruped.

The middle band starts from the bell end with St Christopher carrying the Christ Child, with the hermit holding a lantern in one hand and a chaplet in the other. To the right are seven men in kettle-hats armed with long spears attacking a dragon, which emerges from its cave with flames billowing from its mouth; the hill behind is pitted with rabbit-filled holes. Two further men, one bald-headed, are shown hunting, with various animals emerging from or entering burrows.; and then a short narrative unfurls towards the narrow end, with three hunters walking through the woods, the first pointing towards their quarry, a wild man and woman embracing amongst the rocks.

The third band below starts with a man being led by two ladies towards a rocky landscape filled with holes from which emerge heads and a kissing couple, and beyond, a further couple embracing. To the right are two shepherds with a dog, a flock of sheep and roaming goats. The other side is similarly arranged.

The upper band shows five pairs of animals: mating rabbits, a wolf killing a sheep, a fox killing a large bird, a lion and dragon in combat and an eagle killing a swan.

The second band shows three hunters and their dogs amongst foliage, chasing after a stag and doe on the right; the man on the left, wearing a cap, holds a long pike while the middle figure, with sword, blows a horn.

The third band illustrates the end of the hunt, with the hunters returning with their dogs and one of the men carrying the dead prey suspended from a pole on his shoulder. "


Luminous Numinous by Rick Stevens oil on canvas | 48 x 72" | 2019

so i happened to make ANOTHER child last night because why the fuck not and now i just. listen.

these are all Estelle's kids in one way or another, spread across like 3-4 different AUs.

  • Evan - aka 'Arachne.' The one I made last night idk why they're fucked up. Any pronouns.
  • Daedalus - ONE OF THE GOOD ONES. As in. Not a total gremlin. Also Antasma is his dad rather than Dimentio. He/him pronouns.
  • Celeste - She's on thin fucking ice honestly 'cause she doesn't actively try to be a nuisance but also her constant mood is 'teenage rebellion.' She/her pronouns.
  • Damon - Fuck dude I dunno I made him to be Celeste's twin and haven't touched him since. He/him pronouns.
  • Nera - Part of an AU with a friend. Has a twin sibling called Bianco, who belongs to the friend, and they're the only kids present in said AU. She's tied with Lucy in terms of 'precious dear who deserves nothing that happens to her.' She/her pronouns
  • Eris - Surprisingly weirder than Evan cause at least Evan still relatively looks like a Dream Demon. She's got Dragon Genetics (long story) and no control over her magic whatsoever. She/her pronouns.
  • Artemis - Definitely one of the two with the strongest gremlin energies. They bury their classmates in the sandbox during recess. Genderfluid, any pronouns.
  • Apollo - The other with the strongest gremlin energies. Not as immediately stabby as Artemis, but she is probably thinking of ways to get rid of people that upset her. Bigender, he/him or she/her pronouns.
  • Adonis - Trash boy. Stinky son. Edgelord. Tries to seem like he doesn't care, actually cares a whole lot. He/him pronouns.

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Velvet triangle having a deep floral border with cord and velvet trim having knotted fringe and quilted silk lining.

tender -

the moon seen through a telescope, 1920-1925

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Country Home Collection, 1992, via vintagehomecollection

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Coastal Morning | 📷: [astrangelyisolatedplace]( "astrangelyisolatedplace on Flickr)

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Exhibition quality German hunting knife with chiseled silver mountings and sheath, stag handle. Late 19th or early 20th century.


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Practically magic || Flavio

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Roe pair in the evening | 📷: Don Sutherland (Flickr)

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