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"Ode to the Cascades"

Anne-Françoise Couloumy

Danai Gurira, photographed by Benjo Arwas for ROGUE Magazine (2017)

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rest -

Portrait of a Lady (1906) | 🖼: Sarah Stilwell Weber

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naiad -

Spirited Away (2001)

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phone/desktop wallpapers below the cut

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Black Panther

<span data-mce-bogus="1" data-mce-type="format-caret" id="_mce_caret">-Another piece made with liquid watercolor! ...I like big cats. Green splashes were added on digital tho

Gold Ring set with Almandine garnet


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🌀 Queer 🌀

A label to describe non normative attractions, orientations and gender identities


X / X / X    befunky collage tool

XZ / X    Queer  flag by @pastelroswell  = this moodboard!

X / X / X    I am also at tumblr

vesta -

frederic leighton, invocation

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