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tarot reader outfit for an au

lemme tell you my brain overheated while trying to figure out the silk wrapping from the back

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sunset at sea, 1879, pierre-auguste renoir

Lubomír Přibyl Půlměsíce (Crescents) [acrylic on panel, 1965]

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Closer to the infinite than anything in this world, this time, could ever dream. Me, I have only myself, and the other. We are powerful, my second self and I, but we cannot be anything, only ourselves. We can change, of course. I can become someone else.

The Devourers by Indra Das

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Inktober Day 14: Starstruck

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by Hannah Gibbs on Unsplash

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Midnight, Hibiscus, and Mulberry fabric prints by Fireside Textiles [ Tumblr / Shop / Patreon / Instagram ]

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New born planet

A little something inspired in the planet created by my witch oc (posted a while back)

Moon Sorceress

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I love those strong vertical lines, mmmmmm

I might finish the hair, I might not.

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oh, angel mine, won't you show me your crown?

witch table ✨

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📷: [Wallpaper Stock]( "Wallpaper Stock Website), edited by me.

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ascendancy by Elena Zaikina