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[Hyssop] is said to come from the Greek word azob, meaning ‘a holy herb,’ because it was used to clean temples and other sacred places. It is also said that ancient Egyptians and Hebrews used hyssop to cleanse lepers. A prayer of King David was, ‘Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean.’

Herbal Tea Gardens, by Marietta M. Marcin, 68

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To fill with joy, make happy. To be joyful, rejoice, be happy

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Many people seem to think it foolish, even superstitious, to believe that the world could still change for the better. And it is true that in winter it is sometimes so bitingly cold that one is tempted to say, ‘What do I care if there is a summer; its warmth is no help to me now.’ Yes, evil often seems to surpass good. But then, in spite of us, and without our permission, there comes at last an end to the bitter frosts. One morning the wind turns, and there is a thaw. And so I must still have hope.

Vincent Van Gogh

10 pm!! this is the last one I did since I would have been sleeping if i had taken like 2 more hours to do washes on these

gonna watch the snow and snooze now

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this morning is pretty dreamy

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The Secret World of Arrietty (2010)

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This is the time in our lives when we lay down the mask, lay down the burden we’ve carried, and go out into the world unguarded and undisguised. As we are. Flawed. Human. Raw and broken in places. And beginning to heal.

Marya Hornbacher, Waiting

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cottage, 26.12.19

Old collage of me n terranova from like 3 years ago uwu

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Made this to try and learn a lil bit about vectors, so I just made the lineart with that (also got lazy with the painting)

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cozy cottage

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by Hannah Gibbs on Unsplash