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TRANHUNG Couture 2019

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Fashion Illustration

wanted to try out medibang for the computer so i did a study :3

[Sorry for the lack of activity here! I didn't have internet for a few days and was working on some personal projects!

Here's a new OC! This is Iris!]

  "I was sent here to take care of Helen, and that is what I will do. She loves me, I love her. That is what matters."   

  Basic Info   

Name: Iris Mulberry
Nicknames: None
Age: 19
Birthday: April 25th
Sex: Female
Gender: Non-Binary
Pronouns: She/They
Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Aromantic, Asexual
Height: 5'6" | 168 cm
Species: AmoraPuff
Job: Companion to Helen Menet


Ears: Wispy Cotton (Rare)
Tail Balloon: Heart (Very Rare)
Tail Item: Cat Plushie (Common)
Tail Charm: Heart (Rare)
Wings: Large Folded (Very Rare)
Bow Type: Single Loop
Topper: None
Tail Type: Hanging

  Strengths and Weaknesses   

Strengths: Doesn't care when people try to insult her, loves herself and her body, and likes to help others
Weaknesses: Doesn't like to cry, doesn't have the best memory, and can't use contractions in her speech
Powers: None


Likes: Bathing suits, fluffy clothes, sweaters, raspberries, crayons, and drawing
Dislikes: Carrots, having to cover most of herself up, spiders, and blood

Personality: Sophisticated yet fun loving, Iris can be confusing to some people. She's very ladylike in her mannerisms, and yet she dresses in a very different way to her manners. She's calm and keeps a cool head in most situations. She's very much of a girly girl and doesn't always understand when trying things that are considered more masculine. She's very loyal and will keep secrets no matter what. She's also very giggly and likes to laugh. She's also very helpful to have in a lot of situations, since she likes to think outside the box.
However, Iris doesn't have the best memory in the world, and this can lead her to forget unimportant details. This sometimes come back to bite her when she does need to remember such things. However, she tries her best to remember what's important. She can get sad quite easily, being a bit of a empath. She can also be indecisive when it comes to certain situations and she doesn't like to have choices to make at times. She's trying her best and doing what she can for Helen.

History: A cat plushie was left on a beach by a BloomPuff in Aermerea. The cat was loved, and when the Bloom realized it was gone, she snuck out of her house to go find it. To her surprise, there in the spot was an AmoraPuff with her plushie in her tail. She was taken in by the Bloom's family, and when she turned 16, the Amora decided to leave and travel. She made her way to a portal and found her way to Earth. The Amora wandered for a while, hearing news of a pop star who was going through trying times. The Amora made it her mission to become this star's companion. She made her way past guards and groupies and found her way to Helen. Helen happily took her into her life, naming the Amora Iris. The two are close now, and Iris is the most important and closest person in Helen's life.


-For reasons unknown, Iris can't use contraction words like "can't" in her speech. She says "cannot" instead. She doesn't know why and often compares this to a stutter.
-Iris' favorite food is a raspberry cake she learned how to make from Helen's personal chef.
-Iris will often be one of Helen's backup dancers during her concerts.
-Helen named her Iris because, "you look like an Iris. Like a pretty purple flower from this world."
-Iris has a collection of Funko Pop figures of various video games and shows.

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Star Garden (Stan Brakhage, 1974) | 📷: 365filmsbyauroranocte

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to the world of your dreams (central london, 2015) | 📷: am-otherwhere

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i’m late but ur valid



iris asked:

i hope, if you do eventually go to sleep, that you sleep well! :)

thank u,,

Can cishets ever truly understand the emotional core of Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls? I think not.