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Birthday gift art for my friend Fen!! This is their oc Adelaide!

Annella mollis

C Derek Keats, CC 2.0

An illustration of Erebus and Terror in the Antarctic, from the German translation of "A Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern and Antarctic Regions in 1839 - 1843" by Sir James Clark Ross, published in 1847.

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Architeuthis dux

[Giant calmar]

My father likes giant calmar. I like sparkly watercolors. Therefore I mixed both to gift this to him!

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High Seas--Ivan Aivazovsky, 1874

Ship in a Storm--Ivan Aivazovsky, 1887

Burning Ship (The episode of the Russian-Turkish War)--Ivan Aivazovsky

Sea at Night--Ivan Aivazovsky

Rough Seas--Eugene Boudin, 1885

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The Shipwreck on Northern sea, 1865, Ivan Aivazovski

The Wave by Marion Costentin

conner-kent -

In the waters that wait we will swim as leviathans, vast and inexorable, and come to know what death and life and death has made us.

Whose Drowned Face Sleeps by An Owomoyela and Rachel Swirsky

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naiad -

Ponyo (2009)

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Blue and Silver The Chopping Channel by James McNeill Whistler