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a small thing

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Crystal Liu (b. 1980, Canada) Moon Series

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Night Sky

the moon looks lovely in the evening

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doodled a redesign for a moon goddess of mine (of which i have way too many) and it came out better then a pen drawing has any right to

Lubomír Přibyl Půlměsíce (Crescents) [acrylic on panel, 1965]

tender -

the moon seen through a telescope, 1920-1925

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The Constellations of Summer by Kazu Saitou

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📷: [Wallpaper Stock]( "Wallpaper Stock Website), edited by me.

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📷: [ Heather Smithers]( " Heather Smithers on Flickr)

“Night” (Mullein) by Helen Gotlib

hand colored with liquid acrylic paint & silver iridescent watercolor

I started this comic a little while ago but never finished it, so I decided to finish it up and post here.

The khajiit (yes he's a khajiit, he's an ohmes which is a breed of khajiit that look almost identical to bosmer) with the emo makep belongs to my friend @hexx while the other two idiots belong to me.

Inspired by this